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Oregon Trail Named #2, Top 10 North American Gravel Fondos 2023

Top 10 North American Gravel Fondos 2023.

Published Gran Fondo Guide

There are a handful of gravel rides that have shaped this new genre of cycling, invented in the U.S. Midwest nearly 20 years ago which has spread globally

Perhaps the greatest appeal is the adventure inherent in riding 100 or more miles – and not for prize money but for pride. Because most gravel rides are unsupported, you're on your own dealing with the weather, broken roads, or broken bikes. As one "grinder" puts it, there's none of that "happy bullshit with team cars and stuff."

The established North American gravel rides are weekend long festivals attracting thousands of riders with inclusivity encouraged for all ages, juniors and the LGBTQ community.

Equality reigns, all genders in the North America ride the same distance as men.

Gran Fondo Guide has reached its 11th year of operation, the Worlds Leading Amateur Cycling Platform has reached a global audience of nearly 4 million unique users, over 185,000 visitors per month and over 1.61 million page impressions per month.

Make sure you add at least one of these outstanding events to your Bucket List!


#2 Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder

Summer Camp for adults who like bikes, mountains, river swims and making life-long friends!

The state of Oregon on the United States’ “Wild West” coast has arguably some of “the best” gravel roads in the world. The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder has firmly established itself as the “Grand Tour of Gravel” with gravel enthusiasts around the world.

This is the #1 Gravel Stage race in the USA, with jaw-dropping scenery, camaraderie, and the legendary tenting and camp fires. Every respectable gravel rider need to add the OTGG to their bucket-list at least once (probably more than once).

The EPIC 5-day Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder returns next June 21-25 with limited places left.

It’s for racers AND adventure riders who want to test their limits and push personal boundaries, so much so, it sells out well in advance every year.

It has one of the biggest prize purses ($10,000 USD) in North America gravel racing that attracts many of the biggest names in the sport internationally.

This five-day event located in Sisters, will challenge and reward racers and adventure riders not only on the epic days in the saddle and celebrate every night back at camp. Each stage has two distances for Settlers and Pioneers. The e-bike category continues but still limited to just 25 riders.

The fabulous team at Breakaway Promotions will take care of all of the details and support you on your journey - from tents to gourmet food to professional massage and nightly entertainment - you'll come away sore, accomplished, and with unmatched tales and friendship from the trail.

There a HUGE range of additional options to suit everyone’s needs including VIP tent service, Shuttle, RV Parking, Bike Ship Service, Post Ride Massages and Meal packages for all your friends and family!

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