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The Tag Team is a new way to experience the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder with your best riding partner. You decide which days you want to ride while your partner rests and relaxes at camp- then you switch!

Limited to 30 Teams!

The Rules:

  • Ride teams are only allowed to do the Pioneer (longer mileage, more elevation) days and a team member must ride in every stage.

  • Each rider must participate in at least 2 stages of the event.

  • If you wish, both riders may take part in the Friday hill climb/downhill time trial and either only score one rider for both up and down or decide beforehand which rider’s climb and the descent will be counted.

  • The stage ride days for each rider do not need to be alternating days or sequential…meaning you can strategize to ride the routes that match your ride style.

  • Non-riding teammates will transport themselves and their vehicle to the next route. We will provide a -Driver’s Guide with directions and fun side trips to do when you are not on the bike. You will be given a specific parking area at each location.

  • If you plan to sleep in your vehicle, you must purchase the RV/Van pass otherwise you’ll be in the tent camping section.

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