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At Camp

At Camp


We are excited to partner with Spin Catering. They will be providing delicious food throughout the week. Each rider will receive breakfast and dinner each day with the exception of Wednesday morning (start morning) where you are on your own for breakfast.See the website here for a sample of last year's menu.

For lunch, the ever popular Snack Shack will be open from 12-5 pm. They will be serving sandwiches and lunch items as soon as you reach camp.  It will have lunch makings include, fruit, vegetables, bread, peanut butter, jelly, honey, cheeses, lunch meats, chips, crackers and granola bars among the other aid station items.

We will have complimentary drip coffee provided by Autobohn Coffee each day.They are able to make espresso drinks as well but those will be at the expense of the rider.

At dinner time each rider will receive libations at the Fat Tire Beer Bar sponsored by New Belgium Brewing and a variety of trail worthy whiskey at the Schwalbe Whiskey Bar in the Fat TireChill Zone. YOU MUST SHOW ID. It is the law! Come saddle up to the bar and wash the dust off your tongue and enjoy!


Each location has showers and restrooms available. For stages 1-3 restrooms and showers are onsite. This year we have rented shower trailers for stage 1-3. Please be respectful and keep showers to 5 minutes or less. For stage 4 at Camp LaPine the shower facilities will be at LaPine Middle School about a quarter mile from camp. You will be on your own to ride or walk to that location.  Showers are open between 2-8 PM daily. Showers are available at Village Green Park in Sisters but are coin operated so be sure and bring lots of quarters!


Should you have to abandon the race at any point we will have staff ready to shuttle you back to Sisters, Oregon on the Shuttle of Shame. Nightly shuttles will leave at 6 PM. Please check in with both E8 Timing and Breakaway Team at the "Ask Lisa" booth by 4:30 p.m. to let us know you will be departing that day. Each person taking the shuttle of shame will receive a complimentary "I DIED OF DYSENTERY" Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder shirt.

If you'd like to take a day off but want to continue with the party, you can hitch a ride with our events team to the next location and continue your adventure the next day without having to depart the trail.


Should things go badly and you have an off day we have shuttles at aid stations #2 and #3 that can give you a lift to the finish.  You will be allowed to start the next day but you will be out of the racing competition.


We have our friend and OTGG vet, Lisa helping us out with our Q&A Booth. Want to know about the course, aid stations, need directions to the shower... Lisa can help you out!  The "Ask Lisa" booth is also where you'll drop your e-bike batteries, early arrival bags, and sign up for the shuttle home if you have died of dysentery.

At Camp
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