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On the Trail

On the Trail

Be prepared. While we have the mission to support you on this adventure of a lifetime, the remoteness of the course makes it so that you should be able to be relatively self-sufficient and do basic mechanic repairs like changing a flat yourself.  We will have mechanics sweeping the course and toolkits at the aid stations but we require that you bring with you on the bike a tool kit, spare tubes, pump, and chain fixing items.  


Well-stocked aid stations will be located roughly every 20 to 25 miles along the courses. There will be a variety of foods such as Granola Bars, Bananas, Apple Sauce, Bananas, Oranges, GU, Water, GU Hydration, Rice Krispie Treats and some other tasty snacks.  If you have specific nutrition needs that fall outside of what we provide, please plan to bring it with you. We will have you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (see last year's menu here).

Spare Wheelset- Each rider is allowed to bring one spare wheelset.  We will transport your wheelset from camp to camp but they will not be available for changeouts on course. 

Gearing- We recommend 1 to 1 climbing gear and a 32/47 with a 34/11 rear cassette and bring a climbing gear or two extra. 

Tires- Such an important question!  We recommend a minimum of 40's with a tubeless construction and a width that matches your skill level.  We love the Schwalbe G-One Overland 45's and think they are the perfect tire for the trail. 

On the Trail
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